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Tutorial > What Is The Checkout Page

Step 1: To go to the Checkout page, you hover over the Shopping Cart button at the top right of any page. As you hover your mouse, an additional box will be displayed below the button with the "Checkout" button. Click the button to go to the Checkout page.




Step 2: This is the last page before you finish buying your products. Using the "quick add a product" toolbar at the top, you can add one or more products to save time from the Checkout page. If you have an account, your address will be automatically saved. Remove the check on "Ship to the same address" if you would like to add a different address. Afterwards based on your address, you choose which town is the one you are from to determine your shipping costs. There are 3 different payment methods: Purchase Order, Credit Card, and PayPal Website Payments Standard. Choose the best choice for you. If you want to change the quantity of each product, make sure once you make the changes to click the "update order" button. Once everything is read, you can click the "place order now" button to finally make your order.


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